Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: ‘I Have the Biggest Dick in Chicago’

Let me preface my remarks by stating unequivocally that Christopher Columbus was a genocidal monster, and if I had my druthers every Columbus statue would be demolished. It’s an affront to our democracy for any statue of the European invader who enslaved and butchered indigenous people to still be erect.

A former attorney for the City of Chicago is suing Mayor Lori Lightfoot for defamation after she allegedly berated a group of lawyers during a heated meeting over a Christopher Columbus statue.

The mayor allegedly made the following statement:

“You make some kind of secret agreement with Italians, what you are doing, you are out there measuring your dicks with the Italians seeing whose got the biggest dick, you are out there stroking your dicks over the Columbus statue.”

The lawsuit claims she then went on to say, “My dick is bigger than yours and the Italians, I have the biggest dick in Chicago.”

I don’t know if the diminutive Mayor of Chicago who stands at 5’1’ is endowed with the biggest dick in Chicago, but if these allegations are true there’s no doubt that she is the biggest dick in the Windy City.

I don’t think there’s a person, male or female, who would want to be within striking distance of the Beetlejuice look-a-like’s dick.

There’s a temptation for progressives to automatically come to the defense of Lightfoot, because she’s an African American lesbian mayor. But there’s no excuse for anyone, black or white, gay or straight to behave like the biggest dick in the world.

To date Lightfoot hasn’t denied making the offensive comments.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Has Choice Words for Racist Trump

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot didn’t mince word when she spelled out what she wants to say to President Donald Trump:

“It starts with “F” and end with “U.”

The mayor is a black feminist lesbian, and she recognizes the racist, misogynist and homophobic Trump as her implacable enemy.

I’m a liberal, Hispanic senior citizen, and I likewise recognize Trump as a bigot who doesn’t give a crap about someone like me.

If a reporter asked me the same question that was posed to Mayor Lightfoot, I would answer in similar fashion:

“Fuck Donald Trump!”

Lightfoot’s unambiguous message to the stable genius came the morning after he threatened to send the military to Minneapolis to shoot protesters demonstrating this week after George Floyd was murdered in broad daylight by a police officer while he was being detained. It came after the racist-in-chief called protesters “THUGS” in a tweet. It came after he tweeted the racist mantra, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

In his careers as a real estate developer, reality TV star and president, he has exposed himself as a blatant racist, and no intelligent person should waste any words on Trump.

All I have to say to Donald Trump is “Fuck You”, and if you don’t understand my state of mind, fuck you as well.