Happy 99th Birthday Betty White

Happy birthday Betty White. Legend. Icon. Diva. Ninety-nine years young and still ticking. White began her television career in 1939; her wit, charm and prodigious talent have helped America survive existential catastrophes from World War II to Vietnam to the year 2020, the Annus horribilis that we thought would never end.

For 80 years Betty has been a mainstay in the realm of entertainment, in the 50’s she hosted and produced her own daily talk/variety show, The Betty White Show, in the 60’s she was a ubiquitous presence on network game shows, in the 70’s she had us in stitches as the man-hungry Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Show, in the 80’s and 90’s she was the comedic linchpin in The Golden Girls, in the 2000s she made dozens of appearances on the soap opera The Bold and Beautiful (is anyone more bold and beautiful than our queen?), and in the 2010’s she played the outrageous role of Elka Ostrovsky in Hot in Cleveland.

White never achieved the superstar status of a Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna or Oprah Winfrey but after eight decades of being in the entertainment industry she’s now the brightest star in the galaxy.

And when the Grim Reaper finally catches up to her, like he does with all of us, her bright spirit will continue to shine in our hearts and in our minds.

Happy 99th Birthday Betty White!

Outrage: Aretha Franklin’s Outfit Changed Every Day for Public Viewing

“Another day, another outfit change for late diva Aretha Franklin.

The Queen of Soul rocked a fresh outfit for the second day of her public viewing in Detroit on Wednesday – this time opting for a pastel blue frock and matching blue stilettos.

The I Say a Little Prayer songstress still had on her red lipstick and red nails – which went with the red dress she donned Tuesday.

Thousands of more fans lined up outside the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, where Franklin`s 24-karat-gold-plated casket was wheeled into early in the morning.”

Page Six

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, like any diva worth her salt rocked some snazzy outfits in her day, but she became a legend because of her powerful pipes and her commitment to civil rights.

Aretha wasn`t a Lady Gaga or a Miley Cyrus who relied on outrageous outfits as a marketing ploy, and it`s a shame that the clowns who organized her Detroit memorial are changing her outfit every day for her public viewing.

The Queen of Soul was the epitome of class, and these hucksters are turning her memorial into a sideshow.

How about a little respect for the music icon? How about simply dressing Aretha in a Gospel choir robe as a homage to her Gospel roots?

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Serena Williams Handles a Stupid and Racist Tennis Reporter With Style and Dignity

“The tennis great (Serena Williams) may also have still been struggling with nausea as a result of her interview with Inside Tennis reporter Bill Simons that weekend, during which he asked her a question that has apparently been plaguing him for 14 years.

I have been waiting about 14 years to ask you this question. After the 2004 Wimbledon match with Maria, I had the opportunity to interview Donald Trump on his L.A. golf course, and he said that Maria`s shoulders were incredibly alluring and then he came up with his incredible analysis: that you were intimidated by her supermodel good looks. My question is: Have you ever been intimidated by anyone on a tennis court, and what are your thoughts about that occurrence?

Williams replied:

“I honestly don`t have any thoughts about that. I can`t say I have been intimated `y anyone. That`s all. That`s it.`”

The Cut

I`ve been posting essays online since 1998 and I`ve written thousands of editorials on politics, current events and entertainment, but I`ve penned only a handful on sports or sports personalities.

This may explain why I`m writing a story about Serena Williams and the French Open which occurred back in May.

It`s an honor and a privilege for any journalist, not just a sports writer, to interview the greatest tennis player of all time. Tennis reporter Bill Simmons waited 14 years to ask Williams a specific question.

I would have asked the tennis icon any number of questions:

You`ve dominated Tennis for almost 20 years winning 23 Grand Slam singles titles, how do you explain your incredible longevity and consistency?

How do you keep yourself motivated when your agility and athleticism is so superior to your competition?

You`ve broken almost every record in tennis, is there a personal goal you`ve yet to achieve?

The bloody wanker waited 14 years to ask the Queen of Tennis if she was intimidated by Maria Sharapova`s supermodel good looks. The idiot was implying that Caucasians are inherently more attractive than people of color. As if Williams would consistently default when playing Sharapova because she was distracted by her golden locks. For the record Williams has a 19-3 lifetime record playing against Sharapova.

Simons namedropped Donald Trump in asking his ridiculous question, which leads me to conclude that he`s as much of a racist as he is a moron and a sexist pig.

Even though sports isn`t my forte I may write another essay about Williams, but I guarantee I won`t ever mention Simons again.

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