Outrage: Aretha Franklin’s Outfit Changed Every Day for Public Viewing

“Another day, another outfit change for late diva Aretha Franklin.

The Queen of Soul rocked a fresh outfit for the second day of her public viewing in Detroit on Wednesday – this time opting for a pastel blue frock and matching blue stilettos.

The I Say a Little Prayer songstress still had on her red lipstick and red nails – which went with the red dress she donned Tuesday.

Thousands of more fans lined up outside the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, where Franklin`s 24-karat-gold-plated casket was wheeled into early in the morning.”

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Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, like any diva worth her salt rocked some snazzy outfits in her day, but she became a legend because of her powerful pipes and her commitment to civil rights.

Aretha wasn`t a Lady Gaga or a Miley Cyrus who relied on outrageous outfits as a marketing ploy, and it`s a shame that the clowns who organized her Detroit memorial are changing her outfit every day for her public viewing.

The Queen of Soul was the epitome of class, and these hucksters are turning her memorial into a sideshow.

How about a little respect for the music icon? How about simply dressing Aretha in a Gospel choir robe as a homage to her Gospel roots?

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Remembering Aretha Franklin’s Mini-Me Johanna Colon

Hundreds of singers from the divas that top the Billboard charts to cruise ship warblers have cited Aretha Franklin as their inspiration and motivation for becoming entertainers.

Aretha Franklin is the gold standard, and if they can capture just a smidgen of her grit, determination, and talent, they consider themselves blessed.

Johanna Colon was just six-years-old when she went viral in 2015 when she channeled the Queen of Soul in her dance recital performance to Aretha Franklin`s Respect.

Aretha was impressed by the little girl`s virtuoso performance: “That girl is serious. She is fierce. I`m afraid of her,” Franklin said in an interview on The Talk.

The chunky little “Queen of Tutu” was fierceness personified, and she won our hearts.

Eat your Wheaties, say your prayers, and listen to Aretha`s “Respect” and you too can be fierce like a mother.

Respect the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin

The Queen of Soul has passed on to the other side, and she`s now singing in the heavenly choir, but her music transcended generations and will continue to be enjoyed and appreciated for generations to come.

Aretha is a soul and gospel icon, a civil rights champion, and a powerful voice that testifies to the heights that humanity can soar. Aretha leaves behind an astounding body of work, and tomes will be written about the impact she had on music and society at large.

In this essay I will focus on my favorite Aretha song, “Respect.” Who isn`t familiar with the soul classic that was written and recorded by Otis Redding in 1965, but of course the definite version is Aretha`s single released in 1967.

“Respect” became a civil rights mantra and an anthem for women`s rights, but at its core the song is a plea for respect in the bedroom. “Respect” was a euphemism for sex, and Aretha wanted her man to sock it to her when she got home.

This earthy appeal for her man to satisfy a woman`s sexual needs became an eloquent anthem for the struggle for civil rights. But when I hear “Respect” women`s rights and human rights aren`t uppermost in my mind, I simply get lost in the passion and the rhythm and I can`t help but sing along. As the young kids say, That`s my jam!

Aretha has earned my respect, and the respect of millions of people all over the world. As Birdman would say put some Respeck on her name, as you eulogize the Queen of Soul.