Chris Cuomo Blasts Trump Over Photo With Goya Products

Donald Trump who has never bought a Goya product in his life, and most likely never will, posed for an Oval Office photo with an array of Goya Foods products because its CEO lavished praise on him. Trump has no reservations about cheapening his office by hawking products if the company’s CEO praises him.

Chris Cuomo’s response to this sideshow emanating from the White House was classic:

“You tell me how a president, in the middle of a pandemic, has got time for this bullshit?

Trump is so grotesque in his physical appearance, and most of all in his behavior and philosophy that he elicits a primal response. I can’t count the times I’ve shouted “bullshit” at the TV screen when Trump has told a whopper. I hope Cuomo isn’t reprimanded by CNN management for his very human response to Trump’s fuckery.

Maybe it’s a good thing Trump is ignoring the pandemic, or else he might have posed for an Oval Office photo with an array of Clorox products. I can just see the stable genius gingerly holding a cup of bleach with both of his tiny hands and instructing his followers to drink it to cure themselves of the coronavirus.

Chris you spoke for all of us, thank you for using your platform to register our absolute disgust with the racist pig in the Oval Office.

Boycott Goya Products! Anyone Who Supports Trump is Anathema!

“The CEO of Goya Foods, which bills itself as the country’s largest Hispanic-owned food company, praised President Donald Trump during a visit to the White House on Thursday.

Social backlash followed.

The hashtags #Goyaway and #BoycottGoya soon began trending on Twitter, while some  Latinos also expressed disappointment with the CEO’s praise for a president who they say continuously attacks Latinos.

‘We’re all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump, who is a builder,’ CEO Robert Unanue said during a speech after a roundtable with Trump and other Hispanic leaders.”

USA Today

Donald Trump’s toxic Twitter posts, racist rhetoric and policies that seem designed to punish minorities expose him as a blatant racist. As Maya said, when someone shows you who they are, believe them.

In the face of overwhelming evidence that Trump is a racist, at this point anyone who still supports him is a racist, or a morally suspect person who realizes that he’s a racist, but overlooks, rationalizes or tries to explain away his racism out of political expediency or personal gain.  

Trump revealed his enmity toward the Latino community since his first campaign speech for the presidency, in which he described Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and “criminals.”

For the CEO of Goya Foods, a brand beloved by Latinos, to heap praise on the racist-in-chief is unforgivable, and he must be punished. Unanue’s epitaph should read:

“We’re truly blessed to have a leader like Donald Trump.”

Goya brands are as ubiquitous in Hispanic households as jars of mayonnaise are in MAGA households. No more I say, no more! Boycott Goya brands! Enough is Enough! We must not tolerate hypocrites and traitors in our ranks!