Trump’s Gasping for Air Viral Moment Perfect Metaphor for his Moribund Campaign

President Donald Trump was prematurely discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center following his coronavirus diagnosis and the former reality talk show host, choreographed a triumphant return to the White House. A White House that is now a coronavirus hot zone, thanks to his cavalier attitude toward the deadly virus.

Trump walked up the stairs to the Truman balcony for the photo op. The demented moron imagined his Mussolini Moment, preening before the camera, giving a salute and a thumbs up, and removing his mask would resonate with his base who considers him a cross between General Patton and Jesus Christ.

This show biz moment was ruined by the reality that the 74-year-old obese coronavirus patient is still in the grips of the virus. Trump tweeted that he was feeling better than he did 20 years ago, but the video depicting him gasping for air made him look like he had aged 20 years during his short hospital stay.

Even his most loyal supporters must have shuddered at the sight of their selfish and self-absorbed leader putting his family and staff at risk with his reckless decision to return home and removing his mask. A White House photographer was just inches away from him on the Truman balcony chronicling his insane antics.

The gasping for air viral moment speaks a thousand words of the vanity and emptiness of the Trump administration. It’s a perfect metaphor for a campaign that is on life support, gasping for air.