Public Restrooms In China Ration Toilet Paper! Commie Hellhole!

“Officials in a Chinese city are saving money on toilet paper in public restrooms by employing facial recognition technology in the stalls.

The machine uses facial recognition software to identify the user and vends exactly 27.5 inches of toilet paper, the maximum allowed by the machine.

Officials said a user must wait 9 minutes before the machine will allow them to get another length of paper. They said the system has cut the amount of toilet paper used in restrooms by half.”


China is a hellhole where you will find cats and dogs on the dinner plate, lead in every product, MSG in every entrée, and suffocating fog in every major city.

To make matters worse a Chinese city has installed facial recognition technology in public restrooms that identifies the user and vends exactly 27.5 inches of toilet paper. If you need more toilet paper you have to wait nine minutes before the machine will dispense more.

There is no way in hell that 27.5 inches will do the trick for me, and there`s no way in hell that I would wait nine minutes for more toilet paper. In a New York minute I would bust that newfangled machine wide open, and wipe my butt to my heart`s content.

I could care less if the facial recognition software captured my act of vandalism, let those commie bastards know that Americans aren`t going to put up with that kind of bullshi*!

In America we wipe our rear ends until they are sparkling clean, even if it means we use the entire roll of paper.

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