Warmonger Joe Biden is Leading Us to War Against China

Joe Biden is a warmonger in the mold of a Dick Cheney or a Lindsey Graham. How else can you interpret last month’s announcement of the Australia, U.K and U.S military alliance in Asia? This coordinated military buildup in East Asia is unmistakably aimed at China.

China is inexorably on a march to becoming the world’s preeminent economic power, and Biden seeks to save face by trying to prevent them from also gaining military superiority.

Towards that end American troops are now stationed in Taiwan and training with the Taiwanese military. This is an inexcusable provocation, and Biden is risking war with a nuclear nation. China considers Taiwan its province, and won’t let this affront go unanswered. This American aggression will only ensure that the self-governing island will be reunited with the mainland, sooner rather than later.

I find it infuriating that our semi-senile 78-year-old president is leading us to a war where there will be no winners, only millions of losers. Why are progressives mute? Why don’t they speak out against Biden’s warmonger machinations?

Donald Trump Buddha Statue a Hit in China

Donald Trump had a hawkish, hostile and confrontational policy toward China, and his anti-China rhetoric, such as calling the coronavirus the Chinese flu, was outright racist.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that China’s commercial websites offer a variety of anti-Trump products, including toilet paper rolls with Trump’s mug printed on them, a toilet brush shaped like Trump’s wispy urine-colored hair, and T-shirts printed with satirical cartoons of him.

But the latest trend in Trump merchandising in China is a surprise: a statue of Trump, sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed in a Zen position, draped in a robe.

Trump Buddha? Trump isn’t known for his calm and peaceful demeanor. When Trump is criticized, I doubt he assumes a Zen pose and meditates and contemplates how he should respond to his critics.

Chinese aren’t as stereotypically inscrutable as they are portrayed in the West. The Trump Buddha statue is described as “Dong (know it all) Buddha of the West”, it’s a mock tribute to the Man Baby we in America hate so much.

Trump Sparks Outrage by Calling Coronavirus the ‘Chinese Virus’

The United States will be powerfully supporting those industries, like Airlines and others, that are particularly affected by the Chinese Virus. We will be stronger than ever before!

Donald Trump tweet

In a time of crisis Americans look to their president for words of comfort, consolation and confidence that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

During a pandemic the president should defer to scientists and physicians to explain in detail how we should behave in order to survive.

At every step of the way Donald Trump has contradicted the medical experts that he chose as his team to deal with the coronavirus crisis. As a result, most Americans tune out the stable genius, and look to the experts for answers.

In this ill-advised tweet Trump is reassuring the corporations most affected by the coronavirus that he will support them, instead of reassuring a public terrified of the virus, and concerned about how they will pay the mortgage and buy food if they are unable to go to work. Trump cares more about Wall Street than he does about Main Street, and never mind the inner cities.

It is blatantly racist and xenophobic to label the coronavirus the “Chinese Virus”. It is implying that Chinese are genetically susceptible to viruses; this virus originated in China but it could have originated in Africa, Europe or America. The coronavirus isn’t a Chinese virus, it’s a worldwide virus that will be wiped out only if Chinese, Europeans, Arabs and Americans band together to confront their common enemy.

Trump is right in stating that we will be stronger together, but no thanks to the racism, misinformation and buffoonery emanating from his Twitter feed.

Pooch Raised by Chinese Family for Two Years Turns Out to be a Black Bear

“When Su Yun bought her family a puppy two years ago, she was surprised by how much the dog ate. “A box of fruits and two buckets of noodles every day,” she told Chinese media.

There was, it turns out, a reason for its prodigious appetite: the animal has grown into a 250lb bear.

The family realised their error when the pet did not stop growing and started showing a talent for walking on two legs.”


I`m not surprised that a Chinese family mistook a bear for a dog, after all the average Chinese sees a dog only when it`s packaged as dog meat in a grocery store or as the entrée in a restaurant.

It was only after two years when the animal ballooned to 250 pounds, and started walking on two legs did the clueless family say to themselves, “maybe this thing isn`t a pooch.”

If my dog developed a penchant for walking around on two legs, I would call an exorcist or animal control.

The bear has been taken to a wildlife rescue center after the family called the authorities requesting help.

I hope and pray the family is sentenced a year in a reeducation camp where they will learn the difference between a playful pup and a freaking bear.

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Donald Trump ‘Pictured Xi Jinping as a Woman’ to Help Pronounce His Name Before 2017 Summit

Michael Wolff’s expose of the Trump administration includes many explosive revelations, including Steve Bannon’s description of the Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr and a group of Russians during the 2016 election campaign as treasonous and unpatriotic.

Everything about this book speaks to the incompetency of the Trump administration, in the first place why would Trump and his aides grant a reporter with a reputation for doing hatchet jobs on the rich and famous unfettered access to the White House? That’s like hiring a convicted embezzler as a loan office at a bank, or a convicted pedophile as a kindergarten teacher.

Trump’s reaction to the book couldn’t have been more unpresidential and incompetent, the president’s lawyer sent a letter to the author and publisher demanding that they “cease and desist” from publishing the expose. Thereby ensuring that “Fire and Fury” will become the best-selling book of the year, who won’t want to read a book that the president wants to ban?

Trump’s legal action also exposes him as a thin-skinned narcissist, and as an autocrat who will go to extreme means to stifle dissent and criticism.

There are hundreds of essays being written dissecting the most explosive quotations from “Fire and Fury”, I want to highlight this nugget concerning Trump’s penchant for mispronouncing words.

Trump was prone to pronouncing China leader’s name Xi Jinping as “X-I”, the correct pronunciation is “shee.” Wolff reports that to avoid an embarrassing gaffe Trump’s aides advised him to think of the Chinese leader as a female and call him “she.” That could have easily backfired, the demented Trump could have thought that the Chinese dictator was really a woman, and he could have treated him like he treats most women, an groped his butt.

In hindsight we should all be relieved that Trump didn’t call Jinping “Mr. Pingpong” or “President Chink.”

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LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill: Clueless Morons

UCLA basketball teammates LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill apologized for stealing from MULTIPLE stores, not just from Louis Vuitton, while in China.

You don`t need to be a rocket scientist or a psychologist to deduce that this isn`t the first time these student athletes/spoiled brats have shoplifted. These morons thought that their status as star athletes rendered them above the law. They might be able to get away with shoplifting in Los Angeles, but not in in a communist country.

China allowed the basketball players to leave after a few days` detention, because they didn`t want to embarrass President Donald Trump. If Trump hadn`t been in China, those idiots would be languishing in a Chinese prison.

When the players read their apologies, prepared by their lawyers, they thanked Donald Trump.

Trump had tweeted Wednesday: Do you think the three UCLA basketball players will say thank you President Trump. They were headed for 10 years in jail.

The black basketball players humiliated themselves by thanking a racist president who was publicly demanding praise. Trump may have intervened on their behalf, but they owe their freedom to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

In America there`s still racism against people of color, especially African Americans, but it`s nothing like the prejudice against black people in China. Chinese perceive blacks the same way Americans did fifty years ago, namely that they are intellectually suspect, criminally-minded and inferior. These black athletes have just confirmed the Chinese perception of blacks. The Chinese are thinking that even blacks who are celebrated for their athleticism and treated like celebrities still resort to criminal activity.

Congratulations LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill, y`all acting like Uncle Toms by apologizing to Trump, and lived up to the racist stereotype that Chinese have of blacks.

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Trump Tweets in China

Donald Trump, the Twitterer-in-Chief has maintained an active Twitter presence during his tour of Asia, nothing short of Nuclear Armageddon can stop the presidents tiny fingers from firing off tweets.

Trump`s first stops on his Asian tour, Japan and South Korea don`t have any restriction on Internet use, but he also tweeted while in communist China. It should be noted that China`s Great Firewall that blocks social media sites including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter is almost as well known as The Great Wall of China.

China allowed Trump to tweet his fool head off, maybe because he changed his Twitter header image to one of him, Chinese president Xi Jinping, and the two first ladies surrounded by dozens of Chinese performers.

Trump`s legacy will be his obsession with Twitter, and I`m afraid that he will continue to tweet even after he dies. I`m sure hell has its own Great Firewall, but Satan might allow Trump to tweet from the pit of hell so he can continue to sow discord on Earth.

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Public Restrooms In China Ration Toilet Paper! Commie Hellhole!

“Officials in a Chinese city are saving money on toilet paper in public restrooms by employing facial recognition technology in the stalls.

The machine uses facial recognition software to identify the user and vends exactly 27.5 inches of toilet paper, the maximum allowed by the machine.

Officials said a user must wait 9 minutes before the machine will allow them to get another length of paper. They said the system has cut the amount of toilet paper used in restrooms by half.”


China is a hellhole where you will find cats and dogs on the dinner plate, lead in every product, MSG in every entrée, and suffocating fog in every major city.

To make matters worse a Chinese city has installed facial recognition technology in public restrooms that identifies the user and vends exactly 27.5 inches of toilet paper. If you need more toilet paper you have to wait nine minutes before the machine will dispense more.

There is no way in hell that 27.5 inches will do the trick for me, and there`s no way in hell that I would wait nine minutes for more toilet paper. In a New York minute I would bust that newfangled machine wide open, and wipe my butt to my heart`s content.

I could care less if the facial recognition software captured my act of vandalism, let those commie bastards know that Americans aren`t going to put up with that kind of bullshi*!

In America we wipe our rear ends until they are sparkling clean, even if it means we use the entire roll of paper.

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Firefighters Rescue Woman With Leg Stuck in Toilet

“Firefighters in China rescued a woman who was trapped in a bathroom when her leg became stuck in a toilet for six hours.

Firefighters said the woman was freed after about six hours of rescue attempts.”


This story begs the question: Why did the lady stick her leg in a toilet? Was she trying to unclog her toilet? That`s disgusting, ever hear of a plunger, lady?

If you were stuck in the same predicament what would you do? I would never, under any circumstances, stick my leg in a toilet. But if an evil fairy hypnotized me and ordered me to do the unthinkable, I would be too embarrassed to call 911.

I`d rather stay stuck in the toilet for days until I lost so much weight that I would finally be able to free my leg.

One more question, why the hell did it take the clueless firefighters six hours to free the hapless lady? If I lived in China and my cat was stuck in a tree, I`d never call the emergency number. It would take too long for the fools to figure out how to save my kitty, and they might just eat if they were able to reach it. I would just climb the dam tree myself.

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Chinese Driver Uses Umbrella While Driving Convertible in Rain! Write Your Own Joke!

“A Chinese driver who apparently didn`t want to put his convertible top up in the rain was filmed driving down the highway with an umbrella.

The video, filmed earlier this month, shows a man driving a red Mercedes-Benz convertible during a rain storm in Guangyuan, Sichuan Province.”


If you look up the word “clueless” in the dictionary, you will see a photograph of this Chinese dude driving a convertible top up in the rain down the highway with an umbrella.

When I`m speeding down the freeway the last thing I want to see is an Asian driver holding an umbrella, I`d rather encounter a woman texting and applying makeup at the same time.

Asians are notoriously bad drivers, they shouldn`t be given a driver`s license unless they swear to always have both hands on the steering wheel in the 10 and 2 position.

This story confirms my belief that life is absurd, if life was fair this clueless clown would be driving a Ford Pinto and not a beautiful machine like a Mercedes-Benz convertible.

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Epic Encounter Between Red Panda and Rock Rocks the Internet: Video

The Giant Panda, native to China, has large distinctive black patches around its eyes, over the ears, and across its roly-poly body. The Giant Panda is arguably the most adorable creature on the face of the Earth, and it`s China`s goodwill ambassador to the world.

The Red Panda, also native to China, has reddish-brown fur, a shaggy tail, and a lean body. It`s a handsome animal, but it`s nowhere near as adorable as its black and white cousin.

This red panda`s antics are so adorable that this video is racking up more views than those featuring Giant Pandas. This video depicts the adorable animal emerging from a hole in its enclosure before abruptly stopping in front of a big rock, and adopting a defensive posture with its little paws raised in the air. After a few moments of nervous histrionics the seemingly defeated animal turned around and walked back into its hole when its shaggy tail tucked between his hind legs.

This epic encounter between the panda and the rock is a prime example why we love the Internet.

Donald Trump Still Tweeting About Hillary Clinton! Get Over It! You Won!

“President Donald Trump will meet this week meet with Egypt`s President Abel Fattah el-Sisi, Jordan`s King Abdullah, and China`s President Xi Jinping. This morning, Trump did not kick off the week with tweets about any of these meetings. Nor did Trump tweet about this week`s confirmation hearing for his Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.”


The Leader of the Free World has three critical meetings with foreign leaders this week. Trump is scheduled to meet with our two most reliable Arab allies in the Middle East, we need the assistance of the Egyptian president and the Jordanian king in dealing with the intractable issues of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and ISIS.

China is the only country in the world that has leverage over North Korea, it`s imperative that our commander-in-chief cultivate a relationship with China`s President Xi Jinping.

If the world plunges into a Nuclear Armageddon, the conflagration is going to start in the Middle East or the Korean peninsula, this week Trump should focus on these two international hot spots.

Instead of posting statements about his forthcoming meetings with these world leaders, Trump posted this tweet about Hillary Clinton:

Did Hillary Clinton ever apologize for receiving the answers to the debate? Just asking!

Nobody else is asking. You won the election, it`s high time to move on and start acting like a president.

Hillary is the worst presidential candidate in history and Trump is the worst president in history. The only way that Trump can even dream of achieving mediocrity president is by forgetting Hillary, and focusing on the job at hand.

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New Fad In China: Fake Donald Trump Tweets

“In China, Twitter is blocked but fake tweets by @realdonaldtrump look set to become the latest internet sensation.

Online users are flocking to a new Chinese website that lets them generate images of fake tweets that look just like those sent by President Donald Trump`s distinctive personal Twitter account – replete with his avatar and a real-time timestamp.

Jike, the Shanghai-based startup running the website, says that in just four days, users have created more than a million fake @realdonaldtrump tweets in Chinese and English.”

New York Post

China is the source of 86% of the world`s counterfeit goods, according to the US Chamber of Commerce. Chinese authorities have absolutely no respect for intellectual property — now Donald Trump`s Twitter feed is being counterfeited. (Although I`m not sure that Trump`s Twitter account qualifies as intellectual property.)

Fake Trump tweets are more popular than fake iPhones and real dog meat dishes in China, it`s a fad that will most likely last as long as the Trump administration.

Trump`s real tweets are so outlandish — how do you parody Twitter messages that qualify as parody? I have a feeling that fake Trump tweets will be published in official Chinese publications, and nobody will be the wiser.

What an Orwellian nightmare we live in: Fake news, alternative facts, fake tweets!

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Chinese Truck Driver Covers His Vehicle With His Own Poetry

“A Chinese truck driver classed out his work vehicle by covering it in a high-brow form of decoration — poetry.

A video filmed earlier this month in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, shows the unique way a driver named He Xianwei decorated his work truck.
The driver said the words written all over his truck are 30 poems that he composed while driving.

He said he frequently writes and recites poems and song lyrics while driving, so he decided to publicize his work in the hopes of drawing attention to his writings.”


Great poetry is as rare as a pearl in a cesspool, and the greatest poets find it almost impossible to publish their poetry — there is simply no market for poetry.

But everybody and his autistic mother imagines himself to be a great poet, and there are a gazillion and one self-published poetry books available on Amazon.

The Internet is infested with bad poetry, in fact there is almost as much bad poetry as their is disturbing porn online.

I`m cognizant that it`s almost impossible to browse the Internet for more than an hour without stumbling onto somebody`s poetry Web site, but I always imagined the highways to be a poetry-free zone.

But in China there`s a trucker/poet who has covered his truck with his own poetry. I give all Chinese drivers a wide berth, but I would move to Canada if a Chinese/American in my hometown decided to cover his truck with poetry.

Why is every poet on a mission from God to share his poetry with the world? If you imagine yourself to be a poet, do humankind a favor and instead of posting your poetry online or covering your vehicle with your poetry, self-publish your poetry and sell it online, that way the only ones exposed to your atrocious rhymes will be you and your autistic mother.

Pic of wanker`s truck covered in poems


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