Detroit Police Officer Fired for Calling Residents ‘Zoo Animals’

“The Detroit Police Department confirmed on Monday that it had fired an officer and opened an investigation into his conduct after a picture he posted to Snapchat with a racially-charged message went viral.

Sean Bostwick, 27, who worked in the 12th Precinct, posted a photo of himself in his uniform with the caption “Another night to Rangel (sic) up these zoo animals.” He posted the photo directly before starting his shift on Sunday.”

Detroit Free Press

Now that this racist pig is going to have a lot of free time on his hands, I suggest he take an adult school class in remedial English. Rangel?

Precinct 12 is on the city`s northwest side bordering the infamous Eight Mile Road, and it`s one of the most dangerous precincts.

What precinct 12 needs are police officers who have a mindset of protecting and serving the community, and that starts by viewing the residents as hardworking people who are trapped in an area where there are no jobs and little hope for the future.

Bostwick considered anyone roaming the streets at night an animal that needed to be wrangled, i.e arrested on any pretext and jailed.

Fortunately, Bostwick was a new hire and still on probation, therefore the police department could summarily fire him.

Pic of racist pig:

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‘See Detroit Like We Do’ Billboard Depicts Only White People

“A Sunday-night Facebook post signed by billionaire businessman Dan Gilbert announced that his organization `screwed up badly` when posting a downtown sign that said, `See Detroit like we do.`

Filling windows along the ground level of the Vinton Building, the sign with the Bedrock real-estate company`s insignia was a photograph of nearly all white people. U.S. Census data in 2010 showed the city to be more than 82% black.”

Detroit Free Press

The sign could not have been more honest, Dan Gilbert the CEO of a real estate development company and the Detroit Chamber of Commerce see only the predominantly white people who work downtown and patronize the upscale restaurants and fancy boutiques.

They don`t see and are indifferent to the needs of the vast majority of black Detroiters.

Things aren`t going to change and Detroit will remain a failed city until the powers that be see things from the perspective of a black man with no job prospects struggling to feed his family.

I beg to differ with Gilbert, he didn`t screw up badly, unwittingly he exposed the racism in the Motor City.

If Gilbert is really sorry and he wants to make amends he can start by opening factories in the neglected black areas of Detroit.

Pic of controversial sign:

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