White Evangelicals Should Go Through Deconstruction and Come Out on the Other Side as Exvangelicals

Evangelicalism has gone so far off the rails that it’s led many thoughtful evangelicals to examine their faith to see if they should leave the fold.

When the focus of evangelicalism shifts from evangelizing (preaching the Good News that Jesus saves) to an obsession with fringe beliefs it becomes incumbent upon evangelicals to take stock of where they stand in relation to spirituality, morality and common decency.

Treating a sociopath like Donald Trump as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, believing that a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles runs the world, and demonizing Muslims and other religious minorities has more in common with weird cults than with orthodox Christianity.

Evangelicals who are so sickened by the racism, misogyny, homophobia and outright craziness that permeates their faith that they abandon evangelicalism to become orthodox Christians, mainline Protestants or even atheists and agnostics are referred to as exvangelicals, and the process that they went through is referred to as deconstruction.

I urge every evangelical to go through the process of deconstruction, it doesn’t matter if you come out on the other side as a mainline Protestant, Catholic, atheist or agnostic, you will become a better person and more Christ-like.