Donald Trump is the Conspiracy Theorist-in-Chief

“President Donald Trump on Friday threw his weight behind a conspiracy theory about the bomb-like devices being mailed to Democrats, suggesting without evidence that the packages were designed to suppress Republican turnout.

`Republicans are doing so well in early voting, and at the polls, and now this `Bomb` stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows,` Trump posted on Twitter. `News not talking politics. Very unfortunate, what is going on. Republicans, go out and vote!`

The tweet appeared to give credence to the `false flag` conspiracy theory that the suspicious packages mailed to prominent Democrats and CNN are actually an effort to portray conservatives as violent. Trump offered no evidence to support the claim.”


Donald Trump views everything through a political prism, and in times of national trauma he reacts in a way that will energize his base, not in a way that will comfort and unite the country.

It is impossible for a narcissist to assume the role of comforter-in-chief; his tweets and speeches only serve to further polarize the electorate. Trump never acknowledged that CNN was one of the targets of the mail bomber, and he never offered public or private words of sympathy to the recipients of the mail bombs.

After Charlottesville Trump`s comments inflamed racial tensions and now Trump is seeking to gain political benefit out of the mail bomber threat by giving credence to the false flag conspiracy theory that the suspicious packages mailed to prominent Democrats, critics of the president and CNN are an effort to portray conservatives as violent.

The #NotMyPresident hashtag is very popular because Trump isn`t the president of the entire United States, he only cares about uttering words and signing bills that appeal to his racist base.

It`s imperative that we vote blue November 6, 2018 to hold Trump accountable, and we must impeach him for in these perilous times we need a president who will represent everyone regardless of political affiliation, ethnicity or social class.

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