Trump Won’t Be Reelected, We’re Weary of the Constant Chaos

Donald Trump thrives on manufactured chaos, he’s a Buddha who serenely contemplates his soiled diapers while the chaos, confusion and commotion that was set in motion by his latest toxic tweet or intemperate remark swirls all around him.

Trump isn’t an anarchist or nihilist, he doesn’t create pandemonium for the hell of it, the tumult serves his purpose. The disarray and discord keeps his enemies off-balance, and it excites his base who worship him with the same devotion that Hindus worship Kali.

Over the four years (I know it feels like four decades) during which the stable genius has dominated the media, he has with clockwork regularity sparked scandals and controversy involving mainly racial issues.

Trump supporters may have an insatiable need for chaos, but at the most they compromise 40 percent of the electorate, and this time weary Independents will vote for the Democrat, any Democrat.

I believe Trump won’t be reelected because the electorate is exhausted by his buffoonery, racism, vulgarity and incompetence. We’re desperate for normalcy, and sick to death of the bedlam and buffoonery.