Fool Brings Cardboard Cutout of Trump to Dialysis Center for Emotional Support

A Florida man undergoing kidney dialysis three times a week is upset that he can’t bring a life-sized cardboard cutout of President Donald Trump for emotional support.”

The Spokesman-Review

Dialysis itself isn’t painful, but the three-and-half-hour treatment sessions to remove excess water, solutes, and toxins from the blood are tedious and stressful.

Family members aren’t allowed to sit with patients and therapy animals aren’t allowed either. I was able to endure Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech because my loyal and empathetic pooch was next to me; I agree with those who feel that therapy animals should be allowed in dialysis centers.

In lieu of a family member or a therapy animal for emotional support a Florida man, Nelson Gibson, brought a life-sized cardboard cutout of Trump to his dialysis center. He was told in no uncertain terms that his Trump cardboard cutout was persona non grata.

He may have achieved a modicum of emotional support from the cutout, but the cardboard cutout of the most racist, profane and corrupt president in American history would have caused the other dialysis patients stress, discomfort and alarm.

Trump isn’t exactly a warm and cozy individual; he has zilch concern or empathy for anybody else. What kind of an idiot finds comfort from a cardboard cutout of the short-fingered vulgarian? I’m guessing that Gibson is not only a dialysis patient, but also a resident of an insane asylum.

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