There’s a Reason Why Donald Trump is a Golfer and Not a Bowler

Professional golfers live by an honor code, one that requires calling penalties on themselves, and indeed this gentleman’s game has witnessed PGA golfers call penalties on themselves that has cost them tournaments.

However, golf lends itself to cheating and cheating is par for the course when scoundrels the likes of Donald Trump are playing the game. In fact, sportswriter Rick Reilly wrote “Commander in Cheat”, chronicling the myriad ways Trump cheats in golf.

The White House Bowling Alley was recently renovated at great expense, and one has to wonder why since Trump never bowls. Bowling isn’t the short-fingered vulgarian’s favorite pastime, he can’t get away with cheating at bowling as easily as he can on the golf course. To say nothing about the fact that it’s almost impossible for Trump to pick up a bowling ball with his tiny hands.

A bowling ball’s tiny holes are custom-made for Trump’s puny manhood, and when the escort line is busy I wouldn’t be surprised if he defiles a bowling ball.

Dear Lord, I think I just made myself so sick that I may never go bowling again.