Anderson Cooper Coins the Perfect Nickname for Donald Trump: Dictator-Curious

“Anderson Cooper on Monday described President Donald Trump’s affection for authoritarian strongmen leaders as ‘dictator-curious.’

The host of CNN’s ‘Anderson Cooper 360°’ noted how Trump cozied up to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at last week’s G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan, before stepping into North Korea to meet its dictator Kim Jong Un.”

Huffington Post

Leave it to gay CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper to come up with the perfect phrase to describe Donald Trump’s affinity for murderous dictators, “dictator-curious.”

This phrase is similar to bi-curious, and certainly Cooper and indeed most of us are familiar with men and women who claim to be bi-curious. It’s my opinion that most of the men who claim to be bi-curious are latent homosexuals who lack the courage to come out as proud gay men.

These bi-curious men will engage in perfunctory sex with their wife or girlfriend, but go wild when they attend a gay bar or club to “experiment” with same-sex attraction.

Trump is indeed “dictator-curious”, he tolerates meetings with our allies like German Chancellor Angela Merkel or British Prime Minister Theresa May, but gets giddy with excitement when meeting a dictator like Russian President Vladimir Putin or North Korean Dear Leader Kim Jong-un.

Trump is miserable being President of the United States, he wishes he could rule by executive action, without having his policies challenged by Congress and the courts.

Trump dreams at night of jailing or killing pesky reporters, exiling Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to San Francisco, and firing the liberal Justices of the Supreme Court.

I don’t think Trump has a poster of a Hustler model in his private bathroom in the White House, methinks the dictator-curious buffoon he has a picture of a smiling Putin.