Is the Nude Pic of Trump Leaked by Anonymous Real?

“For the past day or two, the reportedly naked picture of US President Trump has been a major talking point on social media networks with the image reported to have been filtered online by activists Anonymous with the group earlier in the week releasing “The Little Black Book of Jeffrey Epstein” with the group planning more leaks. The picture features Trump being administered with a spray on tan but many have questioned the authenticity of the image.”


Donald Trump is a physically repulsive human being: his sphincter-shaped mouth, orange complexion, double chin, beer belly and tiny hands induce even a person with a strong constitution to vomit.

I cringe whenever I see him on TV fully clothed, and the prospect that there may be naked pictures of him circulating on the Internet terrifies me beyond belief.

The hacker collective Anonymous posted a naked pic of Trump that depicts him standing still while an unseen person (Mike Pence?) sprays orange tan on his bloated carcass.

Thank God, none of us, probably not even Melania, has seen Trump butt naked and therefore can’t attest to the authenticity of the photograph. Perhaps only the few porn stars, Playboy centerfolds and strippers with the misfortune of having seen the orange baboon naked can offer an educated guess about its validity.

Trump’s penis is pixilated in the image that I saw, and the fact that it took only two pixels to blur his manhood leads me to believe it might be genuine.

Actually, most experts believe the image is the work of British artist Alison Jackson. God, I hope so, the last thing we need in these perilous times are genuine naked pics of Trump circulating on the internet.

Judge for yourself: