Photo of Donald Trump’s Orange Face Shocks and Horrifies a Nation

“Donald Trump recently became a laughing stock after a photographer uploaded a photo of him seemingly with orange makeup all over his face.

Photographer William Moon snapped a photo of the POTUS after he arrived at the White House after his trip to North Carolina. Since Trump was walking outdoors and the wind seems to be gushing at that time, his hair was blown up.

The picture also revealed that Melania Trump’s husband really has orange makeup all over his face, and the upper part of his head didn’t have any. As such, part of Trump’s forehead looked too white compared to the other parts of his face.”


An athlete experiences an afterglow, a sense of fulfillment, accomplishment and excellence after setting a personal or team record. He radiates as he steps up to the microphone to express his feeling of elation, and we all bask in his happiness and success.

Donald Trump is certainly no athlete, but the grotesquely obese septuagenarian experienced a significant political victory, he got away with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress thanks to his loyal sycophants in the Senate.

As a result, the stable genius is beaming with an afterglow that makes his orange face look like an evil jack-o-lantern that just rolled out of the pit of hell.

Photographer William Moon snapped a photo of Trump that captured him in the afterglow of his acquittal, he looked like a toddler who had just smeared his mother’s makeup all over his face.

Which begs the question: can’t a billionaire and the Leader of the Free World afford to hire a professional makeup artist or a mortician to apply his makeup?

Which also begs the question: Does a prostitute who services Trump need a paper bag to cover his face and a magnifying glass to find his manhood?

Grotesque pic of Trump in his afterglow glory:

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