Outrage: Students Forced to Attend Religious Revival at a Public School

“Students at a West Virginia high school staged a walkout Wednesday morning after some students were reportedly forced to go to a religious revival event at school.

The walkout came after the event, which was organized and led by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, invited Nik Walker Ministries to speak. A district spokesperson said the event was meant to be voluntary, but two teachers “made a mistake and took the entire class to the assembly.”

The spokesperson said the teachers have been ‘corrected,’ and the district doesn’t expect it to happen again.”


Evangelical Christianity has thoroughly corrupted the political process, evangelical Republican congressional leaders are the leading insurrectionists and they pose an existential threat to our democracy.

We must now allow evangelicals to make any inroads into our public schools, and it’s an affront to the sacred principle of separation of church and state that students were forced to attend a religious revival at school.

The religious event was held during a free-time period, how sad that during a free time when students should be relaxing and unwinding, they were instead indoctrinated to a hateful religion.

According to the Associated Press the students were asked to “give their lives over to Jesus to find purpose and salvation.” Those who did not follow the Bible would go to hell when they died, they were told.

The teachers who “made a mistake and took the entire class to the religious revival” and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes should be sued.

I applaud the students who staged a walkout, their courage should embolden us to fight back against evangelicals wherever we encounter them, whether it’s in the educational or political realms.