John Kelly Rips Trump! Too Little, Too Late! STFU

Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and retired U.S. Marine Corps general blasted Donald Trump in a paid speech at Drew University.

Over a 75-minute speech and Q&A session, Kelly shredded his former boss to pieces, condemning his North Korean and immigration policies.

Why wasn’t this courageous former general speaking truth to power during the impeachment process? Why did it take generous financial compensation to loosen his lips and stiffen his spine?

In his paid speech Kelly emphasized that Trump conditioned military aid on Zelensky’s help digging up dirt on his political rival Joe Biden. Had Kelly spoken out during the mockery of an impeachment trial in the Senate, he may have persuaded a couple of Republican senators to at least vote to allow witnesses.

Why do White House administration officials have an epiphany after they resign or are fired? Why is it that they develop a spine and speak truth to power only when they are no longer in Trump’s payroll? Why is it that it’s only when they are former administration officials that they realize what we knew from day one: Trump is a racist, ignorant, corrupt buffoon?

Kelly might as well register his disapproval of Trump’s words and actions by farting, that’s how much his words mean at this point in time, especially considering he’s being paid very well for his speeches.

Kelly might as well go full-Bolton and write a tell-all book; I’m not going to be complicit in the cynicism and greed of these former Trump aides by buying their books.

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