Herschel Walker is a Moron

Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker suffers from multiple personality disorder and there’s no proof that his multiple personalities have been integrated into one cohesive entity. Walker is like a classroom of special needs children.

But that’s not even his worst psychological or mental malady, to put it kindly he’s intellectually-challenged, or to express it in street vernacular he’s a freaking moron.

Walker isn’t morally, ethically or intellectually capable of serving as dog catcher. If he was a dog catcher, I’m convinced he would round up not only dogs, but cats, raccoons, squirrels and God only knows what other critters. The dog pound would house a menagerie of animals.

Walker’s Senate campaign has been a traveling circus, with the clown as the ringmaster. He babbles incoherently about every issue from climate change to immigration to foreign affairs. Walker’s idiotic comments aren’t gaffes like Joe Biden or malapropisms like George W. Bush, they are the utterings of a person cursed with a room temperature IQ.

Walker’s Crazy Town campaign is running at full speed, but what if the dog catches the bus? What if, God forbid, he actually wins? Can you imagine this ignoramus pontificating on the well of the Senate? Can you imagine him putting in his two cents worth in a debate over an issue of consequence? Can you imagine hm having the mental awareness that he’s supposed to sit with the Republicans?

Walker is a pathological liar, a serial philanderer and a shameless hypocrite, which means he would be like the majority of senators. But he’s also has the intelligence of a kindergartener, which makes him unqualified to serve in the Senate.