Happy 5-Year Anniversary to Obama’s Tan Suit

The Trump administration is a toxic swamp; when the short-fingered vulgarian isn’t cozying up to a dictator he’s demeaning and degrading a trusted ally. Every day Trump posts a shocking tweet to make the electorate forget about the scandal du jour. Every Cabinet member is either embroiled in a scandal or lying to cover up a Trump scandal.

It’s no wonder that folks look back with nostalgia at the scandal-free Obama presidency. But we forget that there was one scandal that roiled the Obama administration, five years ago today Tan-Gate almost led to Obama’s impeachment.

Obama had the temerity to wear a tan suit to a White House briefing: fashionistas sensibilities were offended, pundits were outraged, and evangelists wondered if it portended the End of the World.Lou Dobbs called it “shocking”, while Republican congressman Peter King said it represented Obama’s “lack of seriousness” in the wake of recent ISIS attacks.

When Obama donned the infamous tan suit created by the late tailor Georges de Paris conservatives reacted as if he’d dressed like a pimp from a 1970’s blaxploitation flick.

How I wish Obama was still the president, he has more integrity in his pinkie than the vulgar racist buffoon has in his entire obese body.

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