Firefighters Rescue Woman With Leg Stuck in Toilet

“Firefighters in China rescued a woman who was trapped in a bathroom when her leg became stuck in a toilet for six hours.

Firefighters said the woman was freed after about six hours of rescue attempts.”


This story begs the question: Why did the lady stick her leg in a toilet? Was she trying to unclog her toilet? That`s disgusting, ever hear of a plunger, lady?

If you were stuck in the same predicament what would you do? I would never, under any circumstances, stick my leg in a toilet. But if an evil fairy hypnotized me and ordered me to do the unthinkable, I would be too embarrassed to call 911.

I`d rather stay stuck in the toilet for days until I lost so much weight that I would finally be able to free my leg.

One more question, why the hell did it take the clueless firefighters six hours to free the hapless lady? If I lived in China and my cat was stuck in a tree, I`d never call the emergency number. It would take too long for the fools to figure out how to save my kitty, and they might just eat if they were able to reach it. I would just climb the dam tree myself.

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