Evangelical ‘Prophet’ Robin Bullock Says It’s a Sin to Recognize Joe Biden as President

Self-proclaimed evangelical “prophet” Robin Bullock declared that it’s a sin to recognize Joe Biden as president and asserted that you cannot pray for “President Joe Biden because he doesn’t exist: You might as well pray for the Easter Bunny.”

Bullock wrongly prophesied that former President Donald Trump would win the 2020 presidential election. Old Testament prophets were expected to be right 100 percent of the time when they prophesied in Jehovah’s name, and a modern-day prophet who makes such a huge blunder like prophesying that Trump would win reelection should have no credibility or legitimacy.

But Bullock is still in good standing with white evangelicals because most of them concur with him that Trump won the election and is still the legitimate president of the United States.

Bullock isn’t an aberration or a heretic, like most white evangelicals he believes that his orange messiah won reelection and it’s only a matter of time until God restores him to power.

The values of evangelicals are upside down, they believe that it’s a sin to accept reality and recognize the decent Joe Biden as president and they demand that everyone recognize the evil, corrupt, racist wannabe dictator Trump as president.

Bullock and his ilk are on the wrong side of theology, democracy and history and they can prophesy their fool heads off all they want, but Joe Biden will be president until 2024.

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