Epitome of Cringey: Biden Kneeling in Front of Golden State Warriors


During important occasions families attempt to keep grandpa from doing something embarrassing, inappropriate or just plain weird that will sully the memorable moment. During a wedding they will keep him from getting too close to the wedding cake in fears that he will topple it, and during a party they will tell him it’s his bed time before he gets too sloshed and attempts the M3gan dance.

Joe Biden is 80-freaking-years-old and well into his second childhood, and unfortunately as president he presides over many significant events, and it’s almost impossible to stop him from doing something cringey or embarrassing. After all, who’s going to caution the Leader of the Free World to please behave himself?

The octogenarian president mortified his friends and delighted his critics after he chose to take a knee during a photo opportunity when meeting the 2022 NBA Championship team, the Golden State Warriors.

During their meeting on Tuesday, Biden took a knee in front of the team for a photo with Vice President Kamala Harris and the team, prompting nervous laughter from those in attendance.

Kamala Harris is pretty cringey herself, but she had enough sense not to drop to her knees in front of the NBA team, shouting, “I’m not doing that.”

Biden even posted the embarrassing photo on Twitter. It’s time for America to tell the doddering president that he needs to take a long nap after his term mercifully ends.