Donald Trump’s Tweets May be Vetted by a Team of Lawyers

“The White House is considering having a team of lawyers approve Donald Trump`s tweets, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, citing an advisor to the president.

Although the idea is under consideration, Trump aides told the Journal that such a procedure would be hard to put in place.

If implemented, the move would certainly lift a burden on the White House press office, which often finds itself trying to explain why Trump`s tweets diverge so sharply from the tightly crafted official statements.”


President Donald Trump finally realized that the shit has hit the fan, and it`s dripping all over him and his staff. Therefore he hired a New York-based lawyer Marc Kasowitz to represent him in the Justice Department Russiagate investigation.

Kasowitz has a reputation for being a tenacious litigator and he will fight the opposition tooth and nail, and he`s not going to put up with any tomfoolery from his client, Donald Trump.

It takes a team of attorneys to vett Trump`s tweets to protect him from slandering his enemies, but most importantly from incriminating himself.

Trump would be well-advised to also hire a grammatican to spellcheck and correct his grammatical mistakes. How can we convince our children that grammar matters when Trump`s tweets seem to be the handiwork of a monkey tapping at a keyboard.

Come to think of it, he should also hire a psychiatrist to look over his tweets. The shrink would be busy deleting all tweets that smack of paranoia and delusion.

Or Trump could just hire Mr. T as his social media guru, and if Trump so much as opens Twitter on his phone he would break his stubby little fingers.

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