Donald Trump’s Post-Presidency Will Be Even More Pathetic Than His Presidency

Some presidents, like Andrew Jackson and Richard Nixon, were so unethical, amoral, incompetent and racist that they diminished the office of the presidency. Donald trump is so amoral, racist, ignorant, incompetent and buffoonish that he’s not only diminished the office of the presidency, but democracy itself.

Trump’s post-presidency, even if it doesn’t mercifully end in impeachment, will be more pathetic than his presidency. Trump’s staff describe the president in glowing terms, but as soon as they leave the White House, either via resignation or termination, they eviscerate him in their speeches, interviews and memoirs. When Trump leaves office, he won’t be able to go online, turn on the TV or read a newspaper without witnessing former administration officials denouncing his legacy.

His presidential library, if such an abomination is ever built, won’t contain great speeches, presidential papers, or testimonials from world leaders lauding his administration, but it will include a collection of his tweets chronicling his racism, ignorance, homophobia, misogyny and stupidity.

His memoir, if he can find a desperate ghostwriter to write it, will be so chock full of lies that no one will buy a copy. Within weeks after publication it will be in the bargain bin at Barnes & Noble with the biographies of Alex Jones and Sean Hannity.

Trump loves to name buildings after himself, but in his post-presidency he won’t see many, if any, schools, public building, libraries or streets named after him. We will be relieved to have survived our national nightmare and won’t desire to see any reminders that we actually voted for the national disgrace.

After retiring from public service Trump will be a recluse at Mar-a-Lago, a lonely bachelor abandoned by his trophy wife, with only Secret Service agents, resentful undocumented employees and prostitutes for company.