Donald Trump’s Bastardization of Capitalization

When referring to the USA, I will always capitalize the word Country!

Donald Trump tweet

It`s axiomatic that whenever Trump makes a statement on Twitter, you can always find another tweet that contradicts him. Indeed, there are dozens of tweets in which he doesn`t capitalize the word “country.”

This tweet highlights Trump`s habit of capitalizing words that don`t need capitalization, it`s driving me FREAKING MAD! It`s as if Trump is under the impression that the rules of grammar dictate that at least one word in every sentence needs to be capitalized, and so he randomly selects one word in every sentence to be capitalized, whether it needs to be or not.

If you`re wondering why I`m apoplectic over Trump`s bastardization of capitalization, it`s because it`s symptomatic of the maxim that he screws everything he touches.

When you`re president you don`t get to change the rules of grammar, the laws of science or the social norms of polite society.

Screw you Trump! You are a Disgrace and a Joke, and I hope and Pray you are Impeached and Removed from office!

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