Donald Trump Will Win if He Faces a Frail Joe Biden or a Cackling Kamala Harris in 2024

Donald Trump almost destroyed our democracy during his tenure, and after his landslide election loss to Joe Biden only his incompetence and the courage of a few key Republican election officials prevented his coup from being successful.  

The Trump administration was marked by chaos, corruption and criminality, there were no guard rails and no adults in the house to curb his worst instincts.

America breathed a collective sigh of relief after Joe Biden was inaugurated, and many of us fooled ourselves into thinking that Trump would never be elected president again.

But Trump retains complete control of the Republican Party and his base is as committed as ever to their orange messiah.

If the physically frail and mentally impaired Joe Biden survives his term in office, he will be 82 if he runs for reelection. I don’t think Biden will have the energy or the inclination to run for reelection, and I don’t think the Democratic Party would allow such a farce to play out.

I don’t think Vice President, Kamala Harris, is perceived as Biden’s likely successor, currently her approval rating is a dismal 28 percent.  The Elmo of the Biden administration doesn’t have the gravitas, charisma or political skills to run a successful presidential campaign.

Donald Trump will win if he faces Harris or Biden in 2024, and this time he will be completely out-of-control, with no worries about reelection to curb his behavior. It’s not too early to worry about who will succeed Biden, and it’s incumbent upon Democratic presidential hopefuls to start planning their presidential campaigns.

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