Donald Trump Keeps Punching the Corpse of John McCain

Donald Trump is infamous for being a counterpuncher, for every perceived slight he responds with a flurry of haymakers.

But Trump`s favorite mode of attack isn`t a jab or a haymaker, he`s the master of the downward punch.

When you`re the Leader of the Free World you should be very judicious when and how, and indeed if you punch back, because every punch will be a downward punch. Trump excels at criticizing and ridiculing individuals and communities that are in a position of social, political, or economic weakness.

Trump isn`t content to punch the little guy, he prefers to punch someone who can`t punch back. For almost two years Trump relentlessly attacked Special Counsel Robert Mueller, knowing that he was legally prohibited from responding to any criticism.

But now Cadet Bone Spurs has found his perfect victim: John McCain, a war hero who died eight months ago. When McCain was alive he wasn`t afraid to criticize Trump`s comments and policies, but now that he`s dead he can`t punch back, thus he makes the perfect punching bag.

In a sense McCain is still alive in Trump`s brain, our fearless speaker speaks about McCain in the present tense, as if the cantankerous maverick was still in the Senate turning his thumb down at all his ridiculous proposals.

Every time Trump attacks McCain he succeeds only in diminishing his own reputation and legitimacy, and reminding us of the heroism and integrity of the recently departed war hero.

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