Donald Trump is the Pigpen of Politics


Pigpen is one of the motley crew of “Peanuts” characters. He is well known for his perpetually filthy overalls and the cloud of dirt that envelopes him wherever he goes.

Lucy, Linus, Sally, Schroeder and most of the other “Peanuts” characters, with the exception of Charlie Brown, give Pigpen a wide berth, because it’s impossible to remain dust free if they are in proximity to him.

Once after bathing and dressing in clean clothes, Pigpen stepped outside his house and instantaneously became dirty and disheveled, whereupon he declared to Charlie Brown: you know what I am? I’m, a dust magnet.

Pigpen is self-aware, he knows that filthiness is an essential part of his being, indeed he dubs himself a “dust magnet.” Trump is oblivious to his toxic nature; he thinks his shit doesn’t stink.

Donald Trump is the Pigpen of the MAGA universe, a cloud of controversy, scandal, and moral depravity follows him wherever he goes. To put in more crudely, Trump is a steaming pile of human shit, and anything he touches turns to shit.

The Peanuts gang avoided Pigpen, but the MAGA faithful embrace the filthiness and decadence of Trump, they thrive in the rancid atmosphere of their evil messiah.

The loveable loser Charlie Brown saw a measure of goodness in Pigpen, but Trump doesn’t have any socially redeeming values, and only moral reprobates like white evangelicals, QAnon cultists and white supremacists seek to be close to the a-hole.