Donald Trump Impeached


For every patriot who believes in the rule of law, common decency and cherishes the Constitution there will be no sweeter headline for the duration of Trump’s tenure, whether it’s one or five more years.

Of course, the Republican-led Senate won’t remove Trump from office and he will campaign falsely bragging that he’s been exonerated by Congress, nevertheless he’s been indelibly stained by the impeachment process.

Even if the stable genius discovers a cure for cancer and convinces Kim Jong Un to denuclearize, when Satan finally takes him home to hell the first paragraph of his Wikipedia page and the first paragraph of his obituary will mention that he was impeached.

Being impeached won’t change Trump’s behavior in the slightest, he will continue to trample the Constitution, viciously attack his political opponents on Twitter and cozy up to dictators and insult our allies. Trump will continue to be Trump until he’s dead.

But he might as well trade in his MAGA hat for a hat with the Scarlet Letter “I” for Impeached. I have always refrained from calling Trump “President Trump”, because he’s not the president of all Americans, he cares only about his base. Now I can refer to him as the “Impeached President.”

There has never been an impeached president who ran for reelection, let’s hope that this will be too high of a hurdle, even for Teflon Don, and that he will go down to an ignoble defeat.

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