Donald Trump Hugs American Flag! Disgusting!

“President Donald Trump paused to give the American flag a hug after giving a speech to business owners on Tuesday.

“The president, clapping as he walked off the stage at the National Federation of Independent Business to the Rolling Stones` `You Can`t Always Get What You Want,` opened his arms wide as he came to the flag and then hugged it.”

New York Post

“Refuge is the last refuge of a scoundrel”

Samuel Jackson

Trump likes to wrap himself in the American flag, while at the same time disrespecting everything that Old Glory stands for with his behavior and his policies.

The Orange Buffoon may not be a stable genius, but he`s a cynical genius at playing to his base. At every stump speech he flings enough red meat of xenophobia and misogyny to sate his base, and festoons the stage with enough patriotic trimmings to convince them that he`s a statesman and a patriot.

Naturally the morons erupted in wild applause when he hugged the flag after delivering his speech. These are the same simple-minded evangelicals who give their tithes and offerings to greedy televangelists.

I`m outraged watching our Nazi president hug our American flag, I would be less outraged if he pulled out his little pecker and pissed on the flag, because that`s what`s he`s really doing to our great democracy.

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