Anti-Vaxxer Evangelical TV Mogul Marcus Lamb Dies of Covid-19

Marcus Lamb, the evangelical founder of a prosperity gospel television network died of Covid-19 on Tuesday after he and his network advocated against the Covid vaccine. He was 64. His son announced his father’s death on Twitter.”


I don’t celebrate the death of Lamb, a televangelist huckster, enabler of Trump and spreader of false conspiracy theories, but I do rejoice that the voice of this prominent anti-vaxxer has been silenced.

As the founder and CEO of Daystar Television Network, the worlds’ second-largest Christian television network, Lamb had a huge platform to spread his pernicious falsehoods about the coronavirus.

God only knows how many people needlessly died after following his advice to eschew vaccinations and to forego wearing masks.

His son Jonathan had this on the death of his father:

“My father was promoted to heaven at 4 a.m. this morning. His life was truly well-lived and there’s no doubt that he heard ‘well done my good and faithful servant’ when he entered heaven’s gates.”

Bullshit! We can debate whether or not there’s a heaven, but I think most of us can agree there’s no place in heaven for grifters, liars, and con artists.

As a person wittier than me said: Finally silence of the Lamb.