Adorable Kitten Stuck in Bag: Video

“An adorable kitten who became over-excited at his owner`s birthday party was caught on camera SWAN DIVING into a slim gift bag in a bid to retrieve a toy – only to become stuck.”

Daily Mail

Cats are cool characters, you could be suffering a massive heart attack, and they would barely glance in your direction, while they continue to groom themselves.

But even the coolest cat will go bonkers when he sees a bag or a box, and a bag doesn`t need to have a toy or a treat inside to entice a feline to dive into it.

This adorable kitten looks anything but cool stuck inside a gift bag, my cats have been in this predicament dozens of times. Be careful not to leave any plastic bags lying around, your fluffy friend can easily suffocate in a plastic bag.

There are many bag-loving kittens waiting for a forever home in your local animal shelter.

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