A Second Trump Term Will Make the Apocalypse Look Like a Sunday School Picnic

The first time Donald Trump ran for president, he did it to boost his brand, and his presidential campaign was the most audacious publicity campaign in history.

Trump had no expectations of winning, he had nothing but disdain for his political opponents, and he considered it the ultimate in slumming for a billionaire to compete with politicians for a political office.

Trump was shocked when he actually won, and he came to the presidency with no political agenda or ideological vision. The grifter-in-chief used his position as president of the United States and Leader of the Free World to enrich himself, seek vengeance on his enemies and grift his followers.

Trump may soon announce his candidacy for the presidency, and this time his motivation will be to avoid prosecution. He is banking on the belief that the Attorney General of the United States Merrick Garland won’t have the guts to indict a former president and current presidential candidate.

This time Trump will run with the expectation of winning, regardless if his opponent is Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton or Kamala Harris. His second term will be a nightmare of vengeance, pillaging, and grifting. His second term will make the apocalypse look like a Sunday School picnic.