Ron DeSantis is a Humorless, Charisma-free Freak Who Eats Pudding with His Fingers

Florida governor Ron DeSantis thought he could win over the MAGA base, and secure the 2024 presidential nomination by being the drama-free, indictment-free, and more sophisticated version of Donald Trump. Instead of sending incendiary tweets he releases policy position papers, and instead of mocking and slamming his political opponents he keeps the focus on his agenda.

DeSantis may be drama-free compared to Trump, but he is also personality-free and charisma-free and he just isn’t connecting with voters. Who the hell is going to be attracted by a freak who eats pudding with his fingers, snarls at reporters and is seemingly incapable of cracking a smile?

DeSantis’ goal of winning the Republican nomination also entails running to the right of Trump. DeSantis signed into law a bill approved by the Republican-dominated Florida Legislature to ban abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. In contrast Trump has yet to endorse the Republican proposal for a nationwide abortion ban after fifteen weeks. DeSantis is even more racist than Trump, witness Florida’s new slavery curriculum that calls for teaching that slavery gave enslaved people valuable skills.

What DeSantis doesn’t seem to realize is that a small minority of conservatives wants to ban abortion after only a few weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest, most Republicans don’t really want to do away with abortion altogether.

The MAGA base is racist to the core, and they adore their racist messiah. Trump is more subtle in his racism that the blatantly racist DeSantis, and Republicans don’t want to identify with an outright unapologetic racist.

DeSantis is floundering in the polls, and he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of overtaking Trump. MAGA will never reject their vindictive, profane, blabbermouth Dear Leader in favor of a humorless politician who doesn’t know how to deliver a speech with passion, make small talk with voters, or even eat like a civilized human being.

Don’t Expect DeSantis to Hit Trump Below the Belt

Notwithstanding most polls that indicate the incumbent president Joe Biden would beat Trump and Ron DeSantis in the General Election, the Republican governor of Florida is convinced that he is the only Republican who can beat Biden.

A solid argument could be made that the young gun DeSantis would pulverize the octogenarian in a matchup. DeSantis wouldn’t have to deliver a haymaker to knock out the doddering and hapless Biden, a glancing blow would put him out of commission.

Bur before he can square off against Biden, DeSantis needs to knock out the schoolyard bully, Donald Trump. The only way to knock out a ruffian the likes of Trump is to put on some brass knuckles, punch him in the nose, and then kick him in the head to finish him off.

If as expected DeSantis formally launches his presidential run this week, he will finally have the opportunity to take on his tormentor and pound the hell out of him.

Expect DeSantis to wimp out. The governor will mostly ignore the daily Trump taunts and insults and will decline to take on the twice-impeached, freshly indicted former president head-on. DeSantis has no choice but to risk alienating the MAGA base and rhetorically destroy Trump.

Nobody has ever really landed a solid blow on Trump, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. What are Republican presidential candidates so afraid of, Trump like all bullies is a coward, and he’s not going to hurt anyone with his pathetic doll hands.

DeSantis needs to put on his big boy boxing shorts on and punch Trump on the nose and not hesitate to hit him below the waist.

NAACP Issues Travel Advisory for Racist Florida

The U.S government issues travel alerts to countries where crime, civil unrest, kidnapping and terrorism pose a threat to Americans. The federal government has warned against traveling, at one time or another, to uncivilized and backwards nations like Syria, Somalia and Lebanon.

In Florida, under the leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis, civil rights, women’s rights, and democracy itself has so deteriorated that the NAACP issued a travel advisory for Florida warning potential tourists that recent laws and policies enacted by Gov. Ron DeSantis and GOP Florida lawmakers are openly hostile toward African Americans, people of color and LGBTQ individuals.

If you are a person of color or a member of the LGBTQ community you are making a big mistake if you vacation in the Sunshine State. Frankly, you are out of your mind if you are considering moving to Florida.

I feel a little bit hypocritical because I just visited Florida for a family reunion. I beseech my sister, brother and nieces to please move away from that godforsaken state, so I will never have to return.

The NAACP’s decision didn’t come out of nowhere, Florida has enacted laws that are blatantly racist, and would have been popular under Jim Crow. For example, the DeSantis’ administration rejected the College Board’s Advanced Placement African American studies course. The racist DeSantis administration has advocated for measures that ban state colleges from having programs on diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as critical race theory. And they have passed the Stop WOKE Act (should be called anti-Black Act) that restricts certain race-based conversations and analysis is schools and businesses.

The DeSantis administration has made it crystal clear that blacks and other racial minorities and the LGBTQ community isn’t welcome in Florida. So why the hell enrich the coffers of this racist state by spending your vacation dollars in the land of DeSantis?

Tourism is the biggest industry in Florida, make a statement by staying the hell out of Florida, and really hitting them in the pocketbook.

Trump Warns DeSantis Not to Run in 2024


“Donald Trump has called on Ron DeSantis not to run in 2024 for the good of the Republican Party and warned that he could ‘hurt himself badly’ if he does.

The former president claimed he knew things about Mr DeSantis that were not flattering, adding: “I know more about him than anybody other than, perhaps, his wife.”

The Telegraph

Donald Trump sees himself as the MAGA king who’s destined to reclaim his throne, and his evangelical supporters see him as the Messiah who’s been ordained by God to establish a White Nationalist Christian theocracy. Therefore, the MAGA toad considers any Republican who dares run against him a heretic and a loser.

Trump has strongly hinted that he will launch his 2024 presidential campaign on November 15 in Florida, and he expects to run unopposed by any serious Republican challenger.

Most Republican leaders have balls the size of marbles, and I don’t think any of those cowards will have the courage to challenge him. With the possible exception of Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who embraces Trump’s MAGA platform without prostrating himself before him.

DeSantis is just as racist, obnoxious and homophobic as Trump, but he’s younger, smarter, more eloquent and the natural heir apparent. Trump wants to nip any prospective DeSantis run in the bud and that’s why he’s already warned him not to run.

I don’t know if DeSantis is going to run, but he wouldn’t be much of an improvement over Trump. I hope that a Republican who doesn’t subscribe to Trump’s toxic “America First” platform will run against him.