The CNN Trump Town Hall Was a Travesty! Boycott CNN

Donald Trump is craven crass, clownish sociopath who thinks he’s Don Rickles. His stump speech is like a stand-up act by an insult comic whose trademark is punching down. The orange clown takes a perverse delight in mocking women, the LGBT community, immigrants, liberals and basically everyone else who doesn’t worship him.

If you gift a national platform to a clown expect him to act as if he’s the headliner in a circus. Trump’s diseased mind thrives under the spotlight, a barrage of insults, lies and profanity will emanate from his sphincter-shaped mouth.

We have witnessed Trump’s clown act on the national stage for the past eight years. Did anyone really expect a man with racoon eyes, an orange complexion and a double chin to utter words of civility and wisdom?

The CNN town hall featured the twice impeached, criminally indicted former president doubling down on the Big Lie, insulting the moderator Kaitlan Collins as a “nasty person” and defaming columnist E. Jean Carroll only a day after a jury found Trump guilty of defaming and sexually abusing her.

CNN knew exactly what they were getting in Donald Trump, but they hosted the shit show for higher ratings.

It’s our responsibility to make CNN pay for their desecration of the noble profession of journalism.

Boycott CNN!