White Evangelicals Claim to Hate Sin, but love Sinners! Yeah, Right! Homophobic Hypocrites!

White evangelical Christians rail against lesbians, gays, and transgender individuals, and they consider homosexuality the greatest sin in the world, and the main reason why the Almighty is angry with America.

Evangelicals preach that God will Make America Great like the golden 50’s when every red-blooded American was white, heterosexual and Christian. They also preach that America will be great again, if same-sex marriage is banned and gays are prohibited from adopting children and from serving in the military.

They have the temerity to insist that they love the sinner but hate the sin. The operative word is “sinner”, they love gays and lesbians only if they debase themselves, reject their nature and convert to a straight lifestyle.

It’s worth noting that the Bible doesn’t consider same-sex love the greatest sin in the world, homosexuality is only mentioned a handful of times, whereas the sins of pride, envy and self-righteousness are mentioned hundreds of times.

Evangelicals zero in on homosexuality because their congregations are full of prideful, envious, and self-righteous hypocrites while gays and lesbians are in the minority. It’s so much more convenient to ostracize and demonize the sexual minority.

Evangelicals like Franklin Graham got their panties in a twist when the Supreme Court ruled that gay, lesbian and transgender employees are protected by federal civil rights law. This is evidence, not that any more is needed, that evangelicals despise gays and lesbians, and consider them subhuman sinners who don’t deserve basic human rights. What ever happened to “live and let live”?

I love white evangelicals, but I hate their sins of hypocrisy, self-righteousness, bigotry, and their just plain un-Christian behavior.

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