When ‘Jesus’ is Trending on Twitter You Know There’s Something Rotten in Denmark

Twitter is a righteous stronghold on the Internet, progressives, social justice warriors, and civil rights activists use the social media platform to try to make the world a better place.

Nevertheless, the forces of wickedness maintain an outpost on Twitter, conservatives, evangelicals, conspiracy theorists and assorted riff-raff abuse the micro-blogging platform to troll the forces of democracy, enlightenment and humanity.

Even with the King of Trolls Trump banished from Twitter, the stench of sulfur remains, and occasionally the stench permeates the social media site when names for the Christian deity and Biblical verses trend.

“Lord Jesus Christ” doesn’t trend when there’s a legislative or legal victory for African Americans, the LGBTQ community or religious and ethnic minorities, but when a conservative politician, pundit or reporter waxes racist, xenophobic or homophobic. If Jesus is trending on Twitter, you know there’s something rotten in Denmark.

Today was one of those days when I logged on to Twitter, saw “Lord Jesus Christ” trending, exclaimed “Sweet Jesus on a popsicle” and wished and prayed that these twisted evildoers went back to the nether regions of the Internet where they belong.

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