Re: Abortion, God’s not in the Equation, Argue in Favor of a Woman’s Autonomy Over Her Own Body Appealing to Logic & the Law


The draconian anti-choice laws in red states are dangerous, cruel, unconstitutional and anathema in a democracy.

When defending the right of a woman to have sovereignty over her own body, God should not be in the equation.  We should argue in favor of a woman having autonomy over her own body citing the Constitution and appealing to our common humanity.

However, when evangelicals lie by stating abortion is against the Bible, it’s incumbent upon progressive evangelicals and rational Catholics to argue the following:

Forcing a 10-year-old girl who became pregnant as a result of rape to drive across state lines to get an abortion is a sin.

Forcing a woman who is pregnant with a fetus missing a skull to travel to another state to get an abortion is a sin.

Forcing poor women to risk getting fired by taking unapproved time off from work to travel to another state to get an abortion is a sin.

Forcing financially, psychologically or medically unprepared women to give birth is a sin.  

WWJD? Jesus would tell Republican men to stop being assholes, and to stop treating women as second-class citizens incapable of making decisions for themselves.

America is a democracy and not a theocracy, and women can make the hard choices relating to their own bodies; pontificating preachers and pandering politicians can just shut the hell up.