Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Office: Bottle of Coke and Tiny Trump Statue

Donald Trump’s former senior adviser Stephen Miller gave his Twitter followers a peek inside the ex-president’s Mar-a-Lago office, when he uploaded a photo on Monday.

The image depicts Miller standing next to Trump in his Florida office and he captioned the photo: “just had a terrific meeting with President Trump!”

It’s instructive to note that in his post presidency Trump surrounds himself with white nationalists like the infamous anti-immigrant Miller. I doubt that Trump has invited Franklin Graham or any of the other Trump evangelical fluffers to Mar-a-Lago, with the possible exception of Paula White. The short-fingered vulgarian can put up with her penchant for speaking in tongues and other evangelical tomfoolery because she’s almost as hot as one of his porn star mistresses.

A bottle of Coke can be clearly seen within reach of Trump’s tiny hands, noteworthy because just a few day ago he called for a boycott of Major League Baseball, Delta Airlines and Coke — entities that have protested the new restrictive voting rights in Georgia.

Miller’s pic also captures a small replica statue of Donald Trump, only a narcissist would keep a statue of himself in his office.

This pic shows us that Trump hasn’t changed an iota since the electorate kicked his fat ass to the curb, he’s still a racist and a narcissist who gulps sodas and lives by the credo: Do as I say, not as I do.

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