Tate Reeves Says Mississippians ‘Less Scared’ of COVID Because They ‘Believe in Eternal Life’

“Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves, in remarks Saturday, said that people in the state were ‘less scared’ of COVID-19 because they believe in ‘eternal life,’ as new infections reach record levels and hospitalizations spike.”

Business Insider

The Bible Belt is bulging at the seams with coronavirus cases, and according to the New York Times, Mississippi has recorded more new COVID-19 cases per capita than any other state.

Evangelicals tend to be anti-science and susceptible to believing wild conspiracy theories about vaccines and the coronavirus.

Evangelicals have the mindset “Jesus is My Vaccine” and they take no precautions against COVID, even when they witness their brethren succumb to the virus. They believe that God will protect them, and even if they die of the coronavirus, it’s OK because Jesus will welcome them to heaven.

This attitude is a perversion of the teachings of Jesus who taught us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us, and to love our neighbor.

A true Christian will demonstrate love for his neighbors by masking up, practicing social distancing and most importantly, getting vaccinated.

I don’t fear hell, or so called “evil godless atheists”, but I do fear ignorant selfish evangelicals who are spreading the coronavirus.

These wicked and foolish evangelicals don’t need leaders making excuses for them, they need politicians and preachers chastising them for their ignorance, stupidity and selfishness.