Evangelical TV Network TBN to Launch Nightly News Show! Lord Help Us!

“The Trinity Broadcasting Network is set to launch on Monday a nightly news and analysis program that offers facts followed by Bible-backed commentary.

Called ‘Centerpoint,’ the 30-minute program was born out of a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic and the urban riots following George Floyd’s death, a network executive said. It marks a departure from TBN’s usual roster of Christian teaching and worship offerings.”

The Washington Times

TBN, the world’s largest religious broadcaster, has a history of financial scandals, and it’s home to prosperity gospel televangelists and other charlatans who thrive financially thanks to the gullibility of their viewers.

Many of the ministries that buy time at TBN believe in the Rapture, the Prosperity Gospel, and other sundry conspiracy theories and fringe religious doctrines.

Centerpoint will “offer facts followed by Bible-backed commentary.” I suspect the “facts’ offered will be akin to Kellyanne Conway’s alternative facts.

Centerpoint promises to be a mishmash of weird evangelical doctrines and false conspiracy theories backed by Bible facts. Never mind that every Bible doctrine can be interpreted a thousand and one ways.

Centerpoint will be as far-right as Newsmax, but with the seal of approval of evangelical con artists.