Pope Francis: ‘Choosing Pets Over Children is Selfish’ Pope is Dead Wrong!

“Pope Francis criticized people who decided not to have children, but to have pets instead.

Pope Francis said “many couples do not have children because they do not want to, or they only have one and not more. But they have domestic animals – two dogs, two cats.” He called the decision not to have children a form of “selfishness.”

CBS News

The Grand Poopah of a patriarchal religious organization that maintains and celebrates a celibate priesthood has no business chiding conscientious couples who choose not to bring any children into this godforsaken overpopulated world.

Having children can be a form of selfishness, many parents, especially fathers, spit out children primarily to carry on their family name.

I can see how it benefits the Roman Catholic Church for their parishioners to be fruitful and multiply, every baby born to a Catholic family will most likely grow up to be a Catholic who supports the church financially.

Let’s not forget that a pedophile priesthood needs children to sate their perverse desires.

Would to God more couples chose adopting a pet over having a baby, nothing humanizes a family more than having a pet.

Jehovah commanded Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply, not an unwise mandate for a couple tasked with populating the world.

But in a world of nine billion souls, nobody Catholics, Protestants, Muslims or atheists should obey Jehovah’s obsolete commandment.