Organized Religion is Anathema

Organized religion poses a greater threat to humanity than organized crime or organized political tyranny.

Organized religion is responsible for more genocide, slavery and oppression than any political movement or authoritarian government.

If you find meaning in life by believing in a personal deity or by accepting the Bible or the Koran as the Word of God, it’s all good, just don’t share your personal revelation with anyone else.

Any organization with a deity as the ultimate power is inherently evil and will result in the enslavement and oppression of believers and unbelievers alike.

Religions claim to derive their power, authority and wisdom from God, and accusing them of the subjugation of women, demonization of gays and lesbians or oppression of minorities is tantamount to criticizing the Almighty.

Found Jesus? I’m happy for you, if you must share, do so only with family members and intimate friends. For God’s sake, don’t join a megachurch or any church for that matter. The more organized a church, the more equipped it is to do evil.

We all need to fellowship with people who share our interests and hobbies. Become a member of a gym, join a book club or attend a sporting event, just don’t let religion be what brings you together with other people.

Organized religion is anathema.  

Exodus From Organized Religion is America’s Salvation

“Gallup’s pollsters began measuring church membership in 1937 — 84 years ago — and found that 73% of Americans belongs to a church. Earlier this year, Gallup reported that membership in any church or denomination fell below 50% om 2020 and now stands at 47% and dropping.”

Blue Ridge Muse

Atheists, agnostics and people who simply believe that the existence or non-existence of a deity has no bearing on how they live their lives find educational, recreational and invigorating ways to spend their Sunday mornings. You’ll find these good folks reading a book, jogging, walking a dog, watching a football game or enjoying a leisurely breakfast while the pious are sitting in their pews listening to their preacher.

If you’re an evangelical who attends church religiously, but have misgivings about your pastor mixing the Gospel with reactionary politics and are embarrassed to be seen entering a church where Trump is revered as a messiah figure, you should join us and find a more productive ways to spend your Sunday mornings.

There’s a nationwide exodus of spiritual people walking away from organized religion and worshipping God in nature, in fellowship with people of diverse belief systems, and in solitary contemplation.

WWJD? If Jesus returned today, I doubt that he would attend a megachurch or any kind of church; on Sundays, you would find him working in a soup kitchen, volunteering in a hospital or prison or playing with a pooch.

Find freedom from organized religion, you’ll get much more joy and fulfillment playing with your pet on a Sunday morning than listening to your pastor’s divisive sermons.