Photo Depicts Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and His Madam Ghislaine Maxwell Being Blessed by Pope John Paul II

A newly unearthed photograph depicts pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and socialite and pimp Ghislaine Maxwell being blessed by John Paul II in 2003.

Reportedly they took a private plane to the Vatican to receive the papal blessing.

The pontiff did not know that Epstein and Maxwell trafficked underage girls to the wealthy and powerful, all he knew was that Epstein was a financier and Maxwell was a socialite. Nothing inherently wrong with those professions, but how did that qualify them for an audience with the pope?

This photo speaks of the utter corruption of the Roman Catholic Church, this patriarchal organization is infamous for coddling, condoning and protecting an army of pedophile priests.

Pedophile Epstein and his madam were able to manipulate their way into the Vatican, to be blessed by His Holiness, Pope of the pedophile priesthood.  

Link to photograph: