Alyssa Milano Clapsback at Troll Who Asked Her: Are You Off Your Meds?

Alyssa Milano clappedback at a social media troll who asked her if she took her medication today.

Milano responded, “First of all, no I did not forget to take my medication I take my medication every day. I have anxiety with complex PTS and panic disorder So, I take my medicine, because I like to just be functional.”

Anybody who has a social media presence has to deal with trolls who have no backbone, brains or life. Milano who has 3.6 million Twitter followers, has to deal with an army of trolls who are just waiting to pounce on almost anything she posts on social media.

Even a blogger like me with a relatively small following on Twitter is constantly criticized, demonized and mocked for expressing his opinions on social media. It’s best to just ignore trolls because if you respond it just feeds their appetite for conflict and chaos.

Although, sometimes it’s wise to respond publicly in order to teach an important lesson, as Milano brilliantly does in this instance in response to her critic.

Almost every day I hear someone say, “Dude are you off your meds? It’s not funny to imply that someone is “off their meds” because they are displaying signs of anxiety or fear. We shouldn’t stigmatize people who take prescription drugs to stabilize their mental condition.

I have a sister and a nephew who are bipolar and have made horrible mistakes when they were off their medication, believe me it’s no joking matter.

If you suffer from PTS, depression or any other mental illness, be like Milano: Take your medication faithfully every day, and don’t be embarrassed to admit that you are on medication.

I’m on medication for high blood pressure and Atrial fibrillation, and I would be putting my life at risk if I didn’t take my medication every day. I am not embarrassed to say I have a heart condition and that I’m on medication. If you have a mental instead of a physical illness, the principle is the same: Take your meds, and don’t be ashamed to admit you’re on medication.