Megyn Kelly’s Awkward Gay ‘Will & Grace’ Joke

“Megyn Kelly kicked off her heavily promoted NBC morning show on Monday with a bit of synergy for network peer Will & Grace – and an awkward joke that left many online scratching their heads.

During a segment with the cast of Will & Grace – including Debra Messing, Will McCormack, Sean Hayes, and Megan Mullally – Kelly invited a superfan of the groundbreaking comedy named Russel Turner to meet his television idols. `Is it true that you became a lawyer – and you became gay – because of Will?` Kelly asked in a joking manner.

Kelly then revealed that her show was awarding Turner two free tickets to a live Will & Grace taping in Los Angeles, an announcement which left the fan and the audience giddy with excitement. Yelling over the crowd, Kelly again turned to some unusual language to close the segment with Turner out: `I think the Will & Grace thing and the gay thing is going to work out great!`”


Megyn Kelly uttered many awkward and frankly racist comments during her tenure at Fox News.

In 2013 the Fox News anchor infamously declared that both Santa Claus and Jesus were white men. Never mind that Santa is a fictional character who`s been portrayed by men of various ethnicities. Jesus Christ was a historical figure whose Jewish lineage can be traced all the way back to King David, but scholars doubt that he resembled the Nordic God as depicted by white artists throughout the ages.

The ethnicity of Jesus is irrelevant, He`s the Son of God to his followers, and a respected spiritual leader to most people of the world.

As for Santa he`s a capitalist icon, and advertisers don`t care if he`s depicted as black, white, brown or purple as long as he moves product.

Being a superfan of “Will and Grace” is the epitome of being gay, I`m quite sure the “gay thing” will work out just marvelously for Turner.

But I`m not persuaded that the “anchor thing” will work out for Kelly at her new home, NBC.

Kelly was a good fit at Fox News, her ignorant and racist audience was thrilled with her racist commentary. But I doubt if she will survive for more than a year at the more mainstream broadcast network.

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