North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Calls Homosexuality ‘Filth’

Lieutenant Governors are non-entities, in fact most citizens can’t name the Lt. Gov of their state, and a politician who holds this dubious position must say something outrageous to make the news.

Enter North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson who told a church congregation: “there’s no reason anybody anywhere in America should be telling any child about transgenderism, homosexuality, any of that filth.

“And yes, I called it filth,” Robinson told attendees of the Asbury Baptist Church in Seagrove. “And if you don’t like it that I called it filth, come see me and I’ll explain it to you.”

Facing backlash and calls for his resignation, Robinson took a more nuanced tone, explaining that he does not think homosexuality or transgenderism is filth, but the way it is being taught in a few schools is.

Robinson backtracked a little to save his job, but I’m sure that in the privacy of his home he refers to gays, lesbian and trans individuals using adjectives even more offensive than “filth.”

I find it reprehensible that Robinson referred to his gay and lesbian constituents as “filth.” Homophobia is unacceptable in a church setting or anywhere else, especially by an elected politician.

Homophobia is filth and it should be condemned whenever it rears its ugly head whether it’s in a church, political gathering or anywhere else.

It’s time to take the filth out in North Carolina, the citizens of this great state should demand that Robinson resign.