Donald Trump Jr Mocks John Fetterman as ‘Brain Dead’

Anything goes at a Trump rally, discretion and civility fly out the window and chaos and cruelty reign supreme.

At his father’s “Save America” rally in Miami, Florida, Donald Trump Jr mocked Senate candidate John Fetterman over his stroke, uttering these vile and heartless comments.

“I believe that if you’re going to be in the United States senator, you should have basic cognitive function. It doesn’t seem that unreasonable — to have a working brain.”

We’re up against a Democrat party today that doesn’t believe that a United States senator should not have mush for brain.”

I will stipulate that Fetterman’s health should be a major campaign issue. He suffered a stroke in May and he claims that he developed an auditory-processing disorder, but doesn’t suffer from any cognitive issues. A physician’s note he released last month said that Fetterman was recovering well and could carry out public office.

That’s not nearly enough, Fetterman should release his medical records and allow his physicians to be interviewed. It’s incumbent upon him to prove to the citizens of Pennsylvania that he’s mentally and physically capable of serving as their senator.

But it’s patently cruel to mock a person who’s suffered a stroke. Although the stroke has clearly affected Fetterman’s ability to express his thoughts, it’s equally clear that his brain isn’t mush. It takes a working brain to deliver campaign speeches and answer reporters’ questions.

Donald Trump Jr is the one who has mush for brains, otherwise he would realize that his cruel words will backfire, and motivate people to vote for Fetterman.