Twitter Should Ban Jesus Tweets

Hardly a week goes by that a biblical verse or an invocation of Jesus isn’t trending on Twitter. This is unacceptable. Period.

Twitter should strive to make its platform free from the noxious virus of organized religion, it shouldn’t be a virtual home for religious myths and fables.

Everyone believes that their deity and the prophets of their faith are immune to the laws of physics and common sense, and that every other religion is nothing but superstition and nonsense. Twitter shouldn’t discriminate and the social media behemoth should assume that all religions are nonsense and ban all religious tweets.

Twitter has algorithms in place to detect and delete tweets promoting QAnon conspiracy theories, racism, ant-vaccine nonsense and homophobia. Considering that evangelical Christianity is synonymous with Trumpism, white nationalism, homophobia and xenophobia it’s incumbent upon Twitter to make its platform Jesus free.

Evangelicals are free to turn the loving and merciful Jesus of the Gospels into a homophobic and misogynist tyrant on their social media platforms, but the world’s premier microblogging site should be Jesus free.